Tax Tip Areas

Calling on years of experience, the TWD Accountants team brings you trade secrets to show exactly how our tax system works. Can you use our knowledge to save money? Click on a topic from the list below to show the tips.

  • Charitable Payments
  • How donations to charities can qualify for tax relief.

  • Children
  • Tax on their income, and yours

  • Growing Old
  • How to make sure you get all the tax advantages due to you when you turn 65

  • Low Income
  • When you should not be paying tax, and how to claim it back if you pay too much

  • Marriage
  • How being married can reduce your tax bill even after the abolition of Married Couples allowance

  • Property
  • The tax and your own home. Also, how to reduce your tax if you get rental income from a property

  • Self Assessment
  • How the system really works, and ways to reduce the pain

  • Self Employment
  • Making it pay if you work for yourself

  • Selling Assets
  • What to do to reduce capital gains tax if you sell things for a profit

  • Share Holders
  • How your share income is taxed, and how to reduce the amount you pay

  • The Tax Return
  • What you need to put on your return, and what you may be able to leave off

  • Working Abroad
  • How working abroad affects your tax.

  • Your Investments
  • What tax you should pay on your investments, and how to reduce it

  • Your Job
  • The low down on salary, perks and expenses. How to arrange things to suit you best


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