Business Plan Advice

Your business doesn`t have to be a new idea - but good business, good research, planning, financing and hard work all contribute to making your business idea a success story.

Have you researched your idea. Do you know?

  • Your target market
  • Your potential customers
  • Your target markets' needs
  • When/Where they will buy your product/service
  • How will your customers find you
  • What is your competition doing

A Business Plan will help you focus your proposed business venture and should include:

  • A summary
  • The market and competition - your research
  • Promotion and pricing - how you are going to get your business
  • Management - is it you, your experience, who is involved?
  • Operations - the structure of the business
  • Finances - your cashflow forecasts
  • Financial Requirments - how much money do you need

Keep your business plan short and to the point.

Business Online Autumn Issue

This issue covers; Second Budget 2015 round up, Pensions Auto Enrolment, creating employee expenses policy, Reminders for your Autumn Diary and more. Click on the pdf icon to download this guide.

Business Reality Guide

TWD Accountants provides a real guide to getting your business going, click on the pdf icon to download this guide.


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