Our Question and Answer database is divided into topics. These are shown below. Click on one to bring up the most common questions we are asked on the subject.

Tax Code

Having the correct tax code is vital. Do you know if yours is?

Self Assessment

What does Self Assessment mean to you? Have you missed anything? What are the deadlines?


Answers to all your questions about your job and tax. Can you claim expenses? Are you paying the right tax on benefits?


General questions on tax as a whole.


What do you need to know about tax and your investments.

Self Employment

If you work for yourself, these are the questions you should be asking.


When the Tax Office asks questions about your tax return, what do you need to know?


How can you get your money back? How long does it take?

Tax Office

What goes on in your Tax Office? How does that affect you?

Other income

All the questions you should be asking if you have income apart from your work and investments.

Capital Gains

One of the most complex areas of tax, so there are many questions asked.


q and a for the AA


q and a for Unison


q and a for the NAHT


The particular circumstances of any type of job mean specific questions need to be answered in many cases. Below are some of the most common queries Tax Buddies has answered for teachers.


A series of Question and Answers directly for members of the Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union is currently being created.


A series of Question and Answers directly for retired Police Officers is currently being created.

Seniors Network

A series of Question and Answers directly for users of the Seniors Network is currently being created.


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